Aug 24, 2011

I fell- And I heart Dunkin' Donuts

Again, I'm a slacker. I have my GRE on Saturday so maybe I won't be anymore? Yes, that's a question. The good news, however, is that I have not been slacking on running. Here is a first update, which is what this blog was supposed to be about in the first place.
I fell. I tripped on the sidewalk and my dog didn’t help me get up. I swear she was getting back at me for making her run when she didn’t want to.
Right after: Bleeding gouge
A nurse I am not
One week later: I felt like King Henry VIII and thought my leg sore was going to kill me.
Two weeks later: Itch's like diaper rash but apparently I'm a super healer!
I did my longest distance to date this past Sunday, I made it 11 miles in under two hours, which I think is pretty good considering I walked about 10 minutes. I even scampered into the trees to piddle. But here is the most BESTEST news:
This poor woman drew it
Typically after a run of 9 miles or more I get migraines so debilitating I can't see, can't, can't move, can't think, can't sleep... nutin' doin' for 24 - 36 hours. The migraines have gotten to the point where I took Valium to reduce muscle tension and Hydrocodone leftover from my shoulder surgery to make the pain go away, but my migraine wasn't phased. Yep, I'm overlapping prescription drugs and am potentially a bad role model. Hopefully I won't pull an Anna Nicole Smith. (Measuring caps on the tops of Nyquil or Pepto-Bismol? It's for sissies who can't handle a swig. I learned how to swig in college.)
So what was the deal!? Not enough electrolytes? More water? More food? I read that migraines are not uncommon but most people are clueless as to why; it's an undiscovered individual battle, like bad breath. So, one day I feared the worst on a nice little 8 mile run from one end of a trail head to the REI attic sale (probably why I ran so fast.) At the finish line I had a Dunkin' Donuts bagel sandwich with egg, cheese and bacon. Holy mother of Hell Yeah! I didn't get a headache at all. In fact, I powered through the whole day and even ended up going to the coast to eat crabs and drink beer in the sun.
This Sunday I felt a slight headache when I was driving to home from my 11 miles but scarfed a bagel sandwich. It was better than a fistful of Advil. I don't know what it is but some people have to have pancakes, others drink Ensure, and this one famous runner has a Hawaiian pizza delivered to him halfway through a race. He rolls it up like a burrito and eats while running. (Ham while running? Bacon would be ruined for life.)

So a bagel sandwich with a coconut or peanut donut (or both, or two of both)? I'm not complaining. I'm picturing sponsor material here.

I took a 20 minutes bath with two bags of ice afterward too. My legs felt terrific.

I <3 you Dunkin' Donuts.

(This would make me hate donuts. Run 2 miles, down a whole box of Krispy Kremes and run back two miles in under an hour: You’d have to run another 25 miles to burn off what you ate.)


  1. bagel sandwich might be the answer to everything.

  2. I still say it's crazy how quickly your leg healed... if I was a shawman in the 18th century I would totally steal your leg, make it into a powder, and sell it to rich people for it's healing powers ;P